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What Is a Business Analytics Degree?

The ideal candidate for a bachelor’s degree in business analytics should have a strong interest in both IT and business. This course combines the two and provides students with the key skill sets in both areas, in order to enable them to use IT tools and techniques within a business setting for the benefit of the company. Real word work experience is often a part of the course, which allows students to use practise the use of the skills and techniques that they have leant in the lecture halls and classroom. This will allows them to find data from various sources and turn it into useful information for use within decision making by managers and executives.

Business Analytics Prerequisites and Curriculum

Four years of high school math is the most acknowledged and essential prerequisite to any business analytics degree. Graduation from high school is typically expected although most schools accept the equivalent GED instead.

The typical curriculum of a business analytics degree has been designed to provide students with a broad skill set that will make them valuable in a wide range of settings. The core topics that are generally covered will provide qualitative skills covering areas such as graphic presentation and information communication as well as qualitative skills covering modelling and statistics. Naturally there will also be a strong focus on developing computer-based skills such as programming and intelligence systems. There will also be time spent learning the fundamentals of business, specifically accounting, management and forecasting.

What To Do With a Degree in Business Analytics?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of the job roles that have been filled by individuals with a bachelor’s degree in business analytics include production managers, operations managers, wholesale and retail buyers, logisticians, management analysts, market research analysts and financial analysts. The job roles cover all varieties of industries.

Business Analytics Scholarships

Outstanding students may well be applicable for a scholarship with certain higher education institutes. For those individuals that have a particular college or university in mind, details of available scholarships can usually be found on the website. is a great place to start for those looking for Internet resources and details of available scholarships.