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Introduction to a Data Mining Degree

What Is a Data Mining Degree?

A data mining degree teaches students how to use the techniques and tools involved in data analysis and apply them to real world problems. Anyone interested in pursuing this area of further education should have a strong mathematical skill set and an interest in programming and computer science. Many degrees in data mining will be in combination with another related field such as analysis or data science. However, there are some programs with a specific focus on data mining such as the Applications of Data Mining course offered by Indiana University.

Data Mining Degree Prerequisites & Curriculum

Standard prerequisites apply to all data mining degrees, which means that most higher education institutes will expect applicants to have graduated high school or at least have the equivalent GED. Some data mining courses have a focus on developing new techniques and algorithms for affective analysis of data. Others however, such as the program mentioned above, concentrate on the use of existing techniques in new and valuable applications. Typical core and elective courses include web data mining, algorithms and data structures, and programming language concepts.

What To Do With a Degree in Data Mining?

The majority of undergraduates with a bachelors degree in data mining will go on to pursue a career in data science, data analysis or as a data mining specialist. There is a number of master degree programs that will help to advance a career in these areas based on a foundation education provided by the data mining bachelors degree. Those who aren’t interested in continuing their education with a graduate’s degree should be able to find an entry level position in companies within a variety of different industries from marketing to finance. The skills gained are universal and valuable world wide, which makes this a solid degree for those people considering a change in location both within the US and further afield.

Data Mining Scholarships

Finding scholarships for a specific degree can be done a number of ways. For those people who are researching and applying to higher education courses as they come to their final year in high school, the careers councillor or advisor is a great person to turn to for help. Quite often scholarships are provided based on financial, situation, geographical location, medical disabilities or other specific circumstances rather than the degree subject. lists some excellent scholarships as well as the required qualifications for application.