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Introduction to an Artificial Intelligence Degree

What Is an Artificial Intelligence Degree?

An undergraduate’s degree in Artificial Intelligence will provide students with a broad understanding of this extensive and wide-ranging field of work. It will provide a good basis from which to develop a career in information and technology and naturally artificial intelligence. The kind of person well suited to this bachelor’s course should have a solid interest in computer science as well as the behaviors of individuals and groups.

Degree Prerequisites & Curriculum

All bachelor degree programs have some basic pre-requisites that must be met before a prospective student will be accepted onto the course. Graduation from high school is normally the minimum requirement although is some cases it may also be necessary to show evidence of certain grades in certain subjects such as science or maths. An alternative to a high school diploma is the GED. In the case of Artificial Intelligence the University may expect proof of prior knowledge of programming language such as Java or Python. However, this will vary from school to school depending on their core curriculum.

Core courses will typically include algorithms, software engineering and artificial intelligence. The course will provide students with knowledge of fundamental mechanisms and the way they are used to create intelligent systems, capable of operating autonomously, learning from experience and solving problems. Additional courses that may be required or electable include robotics, machine learning, computer vision and natural language.

Where Do The Jobs for Data Scientists Exist?

Data science is an area of expertise that is required across all sectors of industry from media companies to government bodies and from hospitals to banks. Any system that runs like a business, made up of service or product providers and clients will inevitably generate large quantities of data. This data is useless unless it can be understood, analyzed and translated into practical and beneficial insights. The nature of the job setting may affect the required skills and knowledge, as sectors such as health care will need someone with knowledge of the how the system works.

What To Do With a Degree in Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an increasingly prominent and relevant field of study and application. As the world and every day activities become more and more dependent on technology, there is an increased need for skills in this area. Qualifications and experience in A.I. could lead to work in a huge variety of industries from computer gaming to health care and from web development to robotics.

Artificial Intelligence Scholarships is an excellent resource that provides a wealth of information pertaining to the types of scholarship offered in the US. Scholarships are awarded for a variety of reasons from academic excellence to disability and financial burden. AAHD scholarships for example can be applied to by anyone enrolled at an undergraduate school and with a documented disability.