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Introduction to a Data Science Degree

What Is a Data Science Degree?

A data science degree focuses on the complete process of finding available data, and then using and analyzing it appropriately and affectively in order to turn that data into information that is useful and can be reliable for decision-making. There are many different techniques, procedures and tools that must be learn in order to have the skills to conduct the entire process and to turn that data into information that can add value to a company. The data science degree provides a good foundation of each these areas as well as uses real world data for practical application and experience. This is a skill set and profession that is currently in great demand and anyone interesting in filling a position should be mathematically minded with a keen interest in business.

Data Science Degree Prerequisites & Curriculum

With mathematics and statistics being such an important aspect of data science a strong background that includes algebra, geometry and trigonometry is considered essential. Prerequisites for entry onto the Bachelor of Science in Data Science as offered by the Northern Kentucky University for example include an ACT math score of at least 25 or an SAT score in math of at least 570. This will vary slightly however from school to school. Generally speaking the minimum entry requirements is high school graduation or the equivalent GED.

As is usually the case, the curriculum varies to different degrees from school to school. Typical core studies however will include informatics, databases, programming, algorithms, data management and statistics.

What To Do With a Degree in Data Science?

A degree in data science will set you up for a career in a wide range of industries. The importance of being able to understand data and use the gained information, is becoming increasingly relevant and is something that more and more companies are beginning to depend. This means that a data science bachelor’s could lead to a job in data science working in government agencies, health care, marketing, finance and many more.

Data Science Scholarships

Some colleges and universities offer financial aid and scholarships to help ease the financial burden of further education. The best way to search for opportunities is to visit the website of the universities, to which you are considering enrolling. If you are applying straight out of high school then the careers advisor may be able to shed some light on the opportunities available in your area or according to a criteria that you match. Websites such as and are also useful resources