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Data science as a career choice is one that is widely believed to be a smart move, largely because there is currently a growing demand and lack of supply. For an individual with the right skills and mindset, it could be prosperous, rewarding and enjoyable career path. The key for anyone with an interest in pursuing this area is to gain an understanding of the different options when it comes to getting onto the first step of the career ladder and then progressing to make their way up it.

How Does One Start Their Data Science Career?

Starting down the data science career path can vary quite significantly depending on the individuals existing skills and experiences. Some people come at data science with an existing role in business, in which case the first step is to look into the technical skills that need to be developed such as programming language and statistics. Others will have a background in statistics or java development and will need to focus their attention on the various aspects of business and the ways in which insights can be used beneficially. For someone starting out from scratch, either with a complete career switch or fresh from high school, an undergraduate’s degree in data science will provide a comprehensive overview.

What is The Career Path For Someone in Data Science?

Again the career path will depend largely on past experience. Most entry-level positions will want to see evidence of qualifications or other proof of skill sets. Real world experience is crucial in data science and many online programs and degree courses use genuine data and real world applications. Once you have gained an entry-level position or have established yourself within a particular corporation, it becomes easier to develop skills, gain experience and work your way up into more senior and managerial positions.

What Career Resources Are Available for Data Scientists?

The Internet is abundant in career resources, information and blogs relating to data science. A wealth of information can be found at and for a wide variety of related statistics, job postings and forum discussions on data science.