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A job in data science is something that has peaked the interest of numerous people in the last few years, as it is a fairly new yet rapidly developing field of industry. It is a technical role that requires a particular skill set so understanding exactly what is involved the day-to-day job of a data scientist is important for anyone interested in this particular field.

What Does a Data Scientist Do?

A data scientist has an important role within business and must use their analytical and statistical skills to sort through large amounts of data in order to discover useful patterns and insights. They will not only answer questions but also identify which questions should be asked to most benefit the business. They will have a good understanding off all areas of business and offer advice to decision makers. Many data scientists find themselves in managerial roles, where they themselves are expected to make decisions and take a position of leadership. They will also be statistical and programming experts as understanding the techniques and programs used to generate insights, as well as translating the results is an essential part of the job.

Where Do The Jobs for Data Scientists Exist?

Data science is an area of expertise that is required across all sectors of industry from media companies to government bodies and from hospitals to banks. Any system that runs like a business, made up of service or product providers and clients will inevitably generate large quantities of data. This data is useless unless it can be understood, analyzed and translated into practical and beneficial insights. The nature of the job setting may affect the required skills and knowledge, as sectors such as health care will need someone with knowledge of the how the system works.

How Much Do Data Science Jobs Pay?

The pay range of the average data scientist can vary quite widely depending on qualifications and experience. According to Forbes, $100,000 is the typical annual salary for someone with 3-4 years experience plus a degree in data science or a related field.