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Becoming a data scientist is something that takes commitment and dedication in order to gain the necessary skills and experience to get that first entry-level position. Learning the skills of a data scientist is also an excellent way for those already in a corporate setting to make their way up the ladder and into a more senior position.

Who Should Become a Data Scientist?

The work undertaken by a data scientist typically combines and requires the skills of a scientist or engineer with those of business executive. There are a number of skills on which a data scientist depends from statistics to computer programming. They also need to have the ability to clearly communicate findings to supervisors as well as the confidence to make complex decisions. Ultimately anyone considering becoming a data scientist should enjoy crunching number and analyzing data.

Why Should You Become a Data Scientist?

The field of data science is one that is currently experiencing exciting and flourishing development. The need for people with the skills to understand and analyse the data that can now be accessed and generated is growing rapidly. Companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes from banks to hospitals and tech companies to charitable foundations are in desperate need of skilled data scientists.

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Data Scientist?

There is a range of in-depth skills required by a data scientist. Some people will have developed some through business experience and prior education, whilst others will need to start from scratch. A thorough understanding of all aspects of business is crucial in order to identify the questions that need to be asked and the ways in which insights and results should be applied. Statistical techniques as well as an understanding of the tools involved in necessary during analysis, as are programming expertise. Other skills cover database technology, visualization, communication and leadership.

What Education Do You Need to Become a Data Scientist?

There are numerous educational paths that can be followed in order to become a data scientist. The most direct and efficient is with an undergraduate degree course, which can be further advanced with graduate courses. Another option is individual programs, courses and workshops that offer intense study of specific areas of data science.